Planning Tool’s

How can I help you to succeed with your Design and Products?

In Vernum we have been working several years with Design Thinking, Product development and Design Management. We have a customer-centric approach to brands. All begins with specification of the product. We believe in cultural observation, culture in design and in individual lifestyles. Design goals,  experimental design, visualization of products and in strategies of production, marketing and sales are all the steps in business management.

Planning tool’s are a wide toolbox for design, thinking with human-centered products and services. Our strength is in deep understanding of consumers’ lives, their cultural and socio-economic conditions. We can help you to create an performance of product form, or visual identity of your products as well as your  company. Mayby you need new sales tools or sales strategy, or new fresh ideas in your presentations? We can start the innovation process with research,  prototyping, roadmapping the path of design, testing,  making marketing budget and communication,creating design philosophy, integrated with design management and organization's mission and branding.

I’m working for personal design requirements. Any questions, please email me