Values - Aspects of lifestyles and the new ethics of consumption

We offer our customers authenticity in our luxury brands. Our craftsmanship cherishes beautiful products with an inherent ethical durability; we work at the grassroots level to build towards more sustainable solutions that meet needs and put human well-being at the heart of our production. We want to serve enterprises, communities and individuals with our skills and knowledge, which contain much collective wisdom. We want to internalise our production, not outsource it, providing work and training for local skilled hands and heads, and supporting small community living in a small-scale environment. The keywords for our products are sustainability in consumption, a Christian world-view, ethical values, tradition and design. We encourage our customers to consume less, and buy only products that are meaningful for them. We are developing products that have intrinsic value, with exquisitely detailed design. We produce objects with longevity – with proper care, they can last several lifetimes. We offer products made with true craftsmanship, ones that resist time and fashion. We think that roots of creativity lie in purpose.

Our products are connected with Scandinavian culture and traditions. Scandinavian connections with other cultures ensured the flourishing and slow development of culture over thousands of years, a process culminating in its own language of style and form. Scandinavian design is linked to nature, ancient traditions, and to romantic folk traditions, as well as modern-day innovations. It  has come to represent simple yet elegant objects crafted with skill and care. Old World values are evident in the crafts, as is the simplicity of the Nordic lifestyle. They say that Scandinavian design transcends both time and space. Today, Scandinavia is very much a part of the world, and we take responsibility for global ecology and cultural systems.

Human, social life in the scale of human environment has always been the foundation for design. Life’s important rites have always been celebrated together with relatives and the community. Major events in human life are the rites of passage, which symbolise significant changes in people’s lives and express the sense of togetherness, unity and belonging. Ceremonies such as christenings, confirmations, marriages and funerals are celebrated all over the world. In the present day, we still pause to celebrate or commemorate these moments of joy and sorrow in our life.

Manufacturing and sustainability - The promise of business is to increase the general well-being of humankind

Vernum is a manufacturer with a focus on user-centred design. We have about 25 years’ experience in textiles and fashion, and we invest in product management and research. Our products are made from high-quality sustainable materials. All our product groups adhere to a sustainability strategy. Lifecycle thinking guides our choice of materials. We consider how material resources are used by our distributors and examine their production technology and logistics. In our own production we monitor and decrease the environmental impact of products and of their consumption and disposal. We minimise negative impacts while optimising performance and well-being. We refuse to use non-renewable and synthetic materials, including petroleum- and coal-based textiles. Plastics are not biodegradable and thus contaminate the environment.  We do our best to procure materials from local or regional European suppliers in order to minimise the transportation distances.

In our manufacturing processes and in working with subcontractors we try to achieve social responsibility and fairness. Our production is in Finland, and with this solution we ensure excellence and simultaneously maintain and transfer tradition and craftsmanship to the next generation. Our guideline in design and production is to produce living products, ones with soul and spirit. Designing is always a creative process, where the designer’s visions and intuitions are put together in experimenting with and articulating new perceptions that shape novel outcomes. In the design process, we consider the aesthetical, functional, mental, social and cultural meanings of products. The product slowly takes shape from ideas in the design process through the forming, material choices, symbols, colours and solutions in production techniques.

Our environment is a unique and very vulnerable archipelago with thousands and thousands of small islands. We want to preserve this incredible setting for the future, and contribute to conserving improving the ecological state of the area.

We offer our customers our best craftsmanship

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